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Blue lace dress for a July 4th wedding!

I made a dress for a wedding on July 4th. The theme of the wedding was red, white, and blue (what else?). Wedding guests were requested to wear their patriotic best. I suppose such a dress code would not be too onerous because most people have some red and blue stuff in their wardrobe. People […]

Bias binding an inside corner!

I was making a blue lace dress for a wedding. The wedding would be on July 4th, so the theme was red, white, and blue. I drafted patterns for a sleeveless top with square neck line and a pencil skirt, and married the two patterns into a sheath dress. I backed the lace with a […]

How to use tissue paper as stabilizer

I’m sure you probably already know about the trick of using tissue paper to aid in sewing delicate and/or fluid fabric. Sandwiching the fabric between two strips of tissue paper prior to stitching adds stability, preventing the feed dogs and the press foot from distorting the fabric as it’s being stitched. The tissue strips are […]

Hitting a pin :)

I’ve stirred a hornet’s nest written before about how I leave pins in a seam and sew over them. My position is that since I use very fine pins, the chance of the needle hitting a pin is reduced to almost nothing. However, as lottery winners will attest, a probability, no matter how small, is […]

Apple Gingerbread Cake

One of my baking projects over the last holiday was an apple gingerbread cake. The idea appealed to me: apples sautéed in butter, molasses, served with heavy cream. How could I go wrong? Famous last words, as it turned out. To be sure, the result was delicious, but it was nowhere near as pretty as […]

Custom range duct, five years later

You may remember from five years ago when we got a new GE Profile cooktop that I had to fabricate a custom duct for the exhaust in order to make use of the existing ducting. Heck, whom am I kidding? Even I don’t remember that, why am I asking you?! It’s kinda cool looking back […]

Weird baked pasta trick! :)

I used to use a metal measuring cup turned upside down on top of a lasagna to “tent” the aluminum foil cover so it won’t stick to the melty mozarella. However, I don’t like the way the cup leaves a ring in the cheese top of the finished lasagna. Also, when I remove the cup, […]

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McCall’s 5619, rebooted!

Once upon a time, I made McCall’s 5619 from green and white floral cotton. I think the fabric may have been a home decor fabric. It does resemble a curtain! I look rather like Scarlet O’Hara in that dress . At best, the dress looks a little “school marm”-ish. My S.O. thinks I look like […]

Rice flour in Vietnamese baguettes?

On a lark, I went and Google’d “Vietnamese baguette recipes”. All of the links on the first page of search results either have no mention of rice flour or explicitly advise against using it. The reasons range from “it doesn’t work” to “it weighs the dough down” to “rice flour has no gluten”. In my […]