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Making of Marie Antoinette costume: the wig

For this year’s Carnaval Brasileiro Austin, I again wanted to make a costume in all white. I love white costumes because they stand out in the dark. The only better approach for a costume that stands out would be a costume with lights! The “Marie Antoinette” costume idea came to me after seeing pics of […]

Braiding purse handles

I have a Tignanello purse that I really really love that was showing its age. I love its shape, a satchel shape with full length two-way zipper to allow the purse to open really wide. I love its utility, having just the right number of pockets and zippers in just the right places. I love […]

Making a matching clutch purse for costume

When I sew a garment, I like to make a matching hair scrunchie as to wear as an accessory. A matching scrunchie signals that the garment is probably custom made and not just an off-the-rack one. For my Halloween costume this year, I rehashed a previous year’s costume: Dorothy of Oz, shortening it quite a […]

Using fabric scraps to trim greeting cards

Every sewist has come up against the difficult decision of what to do about fabric scraps from sewing projects. Some scrap pieces are small enough such that tossing them is the obvious thing to do. However, often the scrap pieces are big enough that they seem like they might be useful for small projects. The […]

Discharge dyeing

“To add speed, add lightness,” the famous Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus (the car company, not the software company!), was reputed to have said. To go faster, remove weight. So it is with discharge dyeing: to add designs, remove dyes. My local sewing meet-up group had a meet-up where we did discharge dyeing. The meet-up’s […]

More red stuff!

Austin is not Rio de Janeiro, but we do have a Carnaval! It’s a huge samba dance party in the style of Brazilian carnavals, right down to the semi-nekkid, and quite inebriated 🙂 , people. It’s always a ton of fun: lots of hot people, lots of booze, lots of driving samba, all night long. […]

I made one of these holiday stars. The challenging part is how much to cut and fold and how much to overlap the underside “flaps” to result in a flat underside (which is necessary to glue two stars together back to back). I have a couple of tips that will make things easier. With a […]

Amazing news!

About a year ago, I made a “superhero” cape for a child, via art2love, an organization that helps kids in crisis by turning their art into reality, helping them believe that they can “fly”. I just heard from one of the coordinators, who wrote: “You have brought so much happiness to one kiddo that he […]

Masquerade ball!

We went to a masquerade ball! The ball had no specific theme, just a requirement that a mask be worn. I had always wanted to wear my Pan-Am Stewardess Halloween costume again so I decided to wear it for the “ball”. I made a mask to go with it. I printed a pic of a […]

Origami boxes

After a long hiatus, I did some origami boxes at an origami meet-up, from “Joyful Origami Boxes”, by Tomoko Fuse.