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B没che de No毛l

Continuing to brag about my holiday baking 馃檪 : I made a b没che de No毛l, a.k.a a Yule log to bring to the holiday dinner at my cousin鈥檚 house. I was overjoyed at how it turned out since it was the first time that I attempted many of the elements and techniques in making it: […]

Apple gingerbread cake

For the holidays, I attempted to bake a couple of things, an activity I engage in a few times a year, always fueled by a wildly optimistic and delusional valuation of my baking skills. I made a Apple Gingerbread Cake. (I also made a B没che de No毛l, but that is a post for another day.) […]

Vietnamese Red-Cooked Baby Back Ribs

Red cooking is billed as 鈥淐hinese stewing鈥, but there is nothing specifically Chinese about it. It is also one of the more major cooking techniques in Vietnamese cuisine. I would not be surprised if the technique is also prominent in other Asian cuisines. In Vietnamese cuisine, the technique is called 鈥渒ho鈥. There are variations of […]

Endives With Apricots, Blue Cheese, Walnut

For a recent fundraiser dinner, I did endive with roasted figs, blue cheese and candied pecans appetizer. It鈥檚 a great combination, as cheese and something sweet always is. It was the first thing to disappear from the buffet! It could have been better though. The roasted figs were sweet enough but they were a bit […]

Weird baked pasta trick! :)

I used to use a metal measuring cup turned upside down on top of a lasagna to 鈥渢ent鈥 the aluminum foil cover so it won鈥檛 stick to the melty mozarella. However, I don鈥檛 like the way the cup leaves a ring in the cheese top of the finished lasagna. Also, when I remove the cup, […]

Keeping track of eggs’ age

We don鈥檛 use many eggs. We don鈥檛 bake many desserts. We don鈥檛 have eggs for breakfast. About the only thing we use eggs for regularly are omelets, e.g. this recent Sunday lunch of an omelet of scallions, cherry tomatoes, and blue cheese: We buy eggs only half dozens at a time and usually have some […]

Using tea ball infuser for spices in ph峄

As you may know from my chicken ph峄 recipe, I use a tea ball infuser for the spices. One problem with using a tea ball infuser is that if I have a large amount of spices, it鈥檚 challenging to close one half of the ball over the other without spilling some spices since one side […]

Grapefruit with sea salt and black pepper

I had some grapefruit with Kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper. The black pepper is an idea from chef Tyson Cole of Uchi/Uchiko. Putting salt on tart or sour fruits is an Asian thing. Salt turns the sour or tart taste into a taste resembling sweet, but much more pleasant, in my opinion. For […]

Worthless without a pic :)

So I should have snapped a pic when I did chicken skin cracklings so you鈥檇 have an idea how the end result looks. I mean, in these days of 16 megapixel phone cameras, what鈥檚 my excuse?! So, here it is, cracklings that I made yesterday. They should be called crackling crack because they鈥檙e so addictive!

Chicken Skin Cracklings

A really quick and convenient way to make yummy cracklings from chicken skin is to render it in the microwave. I especially like to do this with roasted chicken skin or skin that has been otherwise cooked. Sprinkle with salt, put between sheets of paper towel and microwave for short periods of time until crisp.