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Great corn bread recipe…

I just found this “Southern style” corn bread recipe, supposedly by someone who grew up in the South. It sounds yummy! I think I’ll try it with jalapeño and scallion, with a batch of my chili… (Image from Books, Cooks, Gadgets and Gardening.)

Garlic Bread, My Way

I don’t understand why garlic bread recipes always call for “rubbing halved garlic cloves on bread”. I find doing so either doesn’t impart enough garlic flavor to the bread, or, if I do it too vigorously, would break up the crumb. My method is to squeeze garlic with a garlic press into some olive oil, […]

Recipe for bánh mì

Here is my recipe for bánh mì, a kind of baguette used to make Vietnamese-style sandwiches.

Baking Bánh Mì!

I was reading reviews of a few Vietnamese baguette places. One Google’ing led to another and soon I was trying to verify claims that the baguettes used for bánh mì (Vietnamese-style sandwiches) contain rice flour. Using rice flour in what is basically French bread dough doesn’t sound right. Rice flour has no gluten in it […]

Garlic bread my way

Had pasta with made-from-scratch meat sauce tonight. I also made garlic bread, using a couple of slices of my home-baked . Here is how I do garlic bread.

Baking starting with cold oven

So today I made a batch of (really torpedoes, not boules). I forgot to turn on the oven to preheat it while the loaves underwent the last rise. Of course, I didn’t realize my mistake until after I slashed the loaves’ top and went to put them in the oven! Oh well, now was the […]

My bread vs. HEB CM bread

My bread (left) versus HEB Central Market‘s torpedo.


Made from , except shaped into a batard (French for “bastard”; I dunno why!), a torpedo-shaped French bread loaf.

My French boule recipe

Moved into a “page“, here.