Blue lace dress for a July 4th wedding!

blue lace dress, 3/4 front view

I made a dress for a wedding on July 4th. The theme of the wedding was red, white, and blue (what else?). Wedding guests were requested to wear their patriotic best. I suppose such a dress code would not be too onerous because most people have some red and blue stuff in their wardrobe. People have white stuff, too, but obviously, wearing white at a wedding is like breaking wind in a crowded elevator: nice people simply don’t do it!

I opted to make a dress from blue corded lace from Fabric Mart Fabrics, underlined with a “blush” (dark nude) stretch silk charmeuse from Mood Fabrics. The silk charmeuse is somewhat heavy, and since the wedding will be outdoors in Southern California in July, I did not want the additional layer of the lining, so I opted not to have a lining and instead bind the edges, where necessary, with bias binding. (Doing the binding proved to be a bit of an adventure!)

The intent was to match the underlining’s nude color to my skin tone as closely as possible. As it turned out, one to many trips to Austin’s nude “beach”, Hippie Hollow, made my skin a little too dark, so, oh well. (The beach’s rules include “remember to apply sunblock between your rear cheeks”, and this being Texas, “no weapons”.)
blue lace dress, close-up front view

I drafted patterns in Dress Shop for a sleeveless top with square neck line and a pencil skirt, and married (how appropriate!) the two patterns into a sheath dress. I opted for an over/under skirt look, where both skirts would be of blue lace and the outer skirt would be longer and open in front, and the inner skirt would be significantly shorter. I drafted both skirt starting with the same pattern, the “Pegged Skirt” pattern, but specified a “close fitting” fit for the inner skirt and a “normal fit” for the outer skirt. The outer skirt’s length is knee length. I deemed the appearance of skin tone under lace was not attention-getting enough so I made the inner skirt’s length Dress Shop’s “micro mini” length, which would be a “getting detention” length in Catholic girl schools.

blue lace dress, front view blue lace dress, side view blue lace dress, 3/4 front view blue lace dress, 3/4 back view blue lace dress, back view

I probably should have added something interest at the belt line, because the transition between the single lace layer of the bodice and the double lace layers of the skirt was a little jarring visually. Maybe a blue grosgrain belt and bows…

I still needed some white and red to complete the look, so I made a flower using white polyester lining and some red lace. My plan was to pin the flower to my dress with a safety pin. While out in Orange County, I had the opportunity to visit a flea market where I bought some red chiffon for one dollar (!) and made an impromptu choker:
red & white choker

On a lark, we also got our nails done in red and blue, with little stamped white stars!
red, white & blue nails

2 Comments on “Blue lace dress for a July 4th wedding!”

  1. #1 Michael Tomlin
    on Dec 14th, 2018 at 02:35

    Absolutely stunning from the floor up! Beautiful

  2. #2 michael.tomlin9
    on Dec 14th, 2018 at 12:30

    Absolutely stunning. Very stylish and elegantly crafted