Hitting a pin :)

I’ve stirred a hornet’s nest written before about how I leave pins in a seam and sew over them. My position is that since I use very fine pins, the chance of the needle hitting a pin is reduced to almost nothing. However, as lottery winners will attest, a probability, no matter how small, is still non-zero. The same is true with hitting a pin when using very fine pins. The probability is much smaller, but is still non-zero.

Which is to say, I have hit pins, multiple times. However, the difference from using “regular weight” pins is when I hit a pin, there is hardly any damage done because the pin is so fine. The pin would get bent neatly where it’s hit, and nothing else happens:

Hitting the pin feels only a little sharper than, say, sewing over thick sequins. The machine’s timing does not get messed up. Granted, my machine is 40+ years old and weighs 30 lbs and most components are metal, but I am pretty confident that newer, lighter weight machines would fare just as well hitting such a pin.