Posts from ‘June, 2017’

How to use tissue paper as stabilizer

I’m sure you probably already know about the trick of using tissue paper to aid in sewing delicate and/or fluid fabric. Sandwiching the fabric between two strips of tissue paper prior to stitching adds stability, preventing the feed dogs and the press foot from distorting the fabric as it’s being stitched. The tissue strips are […]

This is sewing too!

There is “sewing”, where one raises silk worms, spins the yarn, weave the cloth, drafts the pattern, and sews the garment. Then there is “sewing”, where one buys a ready-made garment and then alters it to get the custom-made perfect fit or customize it to add one’s own touches. I do a lot of the […]

Hitting a pin :)

I’ve stirred a hornet’s nest written before about how I leave pins in a seam and sew over them. My position is that since I use very fine pins, the chance of the needle hitting a pin is reduced to almost nothing. However, as lottery winners will attest, a probability, no matter how small, is […]