Tips on taping together Dress Shop App PDF patterns

road warrior costume: completed

I have been using Dress Shop a lot lately and I have discovered a few things that make the taping-together process a lot quicker for me.

  1. Use the thinnest (and cheapest) printer paper possible. Thinner paper makes it easier to see the registration marks when one sheet is on top of another. I use Office Depot-brand 20-lbs paper.
  2. Work on a light color surface with one-inch grid. The light color surface makes it easier to see the registration marks when one sheet is on top of another. I work atop my cutting mat. (Of course, it’d be even better if the work surface can somehow be lit from below.)
  3. The cutting mat’s grid makes it easy to line up the pieces quickly: the registration marks for Dress Shop are exactly 3″ apart and are near the sheets’ edges. I can align the registration marks to the grid, making lining things up easy and quick.

(BTW, Dress Shop seems to generate about the same number of sheets per pattern as, say, patterns, and from the sounds of it, Style Arc. This shirtdress, for instance, were 30 sheets: front (10 sheets), back (10 sheets), sleeve (6 sheets), and collar (4 pieces).)

One interesting alternate method is to trace the pattern, piece by piece, onto tissue paper. This method has the advantage of producing one-piece pattern pieces of tissue paper, which makes storage easier. However, I’m not yet convinced that this method is quicker than the paper-and-tape method. I might try it one day and see.

So, all that said, the assembly process is quite straight forward. Here is what I did for the top of my costume for the Austin Carnaval. There are only a few rules to keep in mind:

First, make sure to align registration marks and paper edges to the grid. Use pattern weights to keep the page from shifting.
taping up Dress Shop pattern: sheet 1

Follow the same rules for subsequent pages, also additionally aligning the pattern’s cutting lines and registration marks:
taping up Dress Shop pattern: sheets 1 and 2

As you add additional sheets lengthwise, remember that the registration marks are 3″ inches from each other:
taping up Dress Shop pattern: sheets 1, 2, and 3

And voilà, all done:
taping up Dress Shop pattern: sheets 1, 2, 3, and 4