Clever way to correlate fabric to pattern

using fabric strip to secure roll of pattern pieces
As you may know, I started using Dress Shop to generate patterns. Dress Shop generates a PDF file which is printed out on a normal printer on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I would then tape the pages together to form the pattern. One artifact of printing patterns this way is that they are too sturdy to fold easily, even when printed on the lightest weight printer paper. As a result, I store patterns by rolling them up, which means I need to secure the rolled up patterns to keep them from unfurling. A simple rubber band will do, obviously, but I came up with a better mouse trap: I use a strip of fabric remnant, left over from cutting of the garment, to secure the pattern roll.

This way, I tie, literally and figuratively, the fabric to the pattern. The fabric remnant tells me what garment I made with the pattern and also, what the pattern is without needing to look for description or name printe don the pattern, or worse, having to unroll the pattern.

For instance, the picture above is of a Dress Shop shirt dress pattern that I made with a white/black/red plaid cotton flannel:
white/black/red tartan shirtdress, front view, with white boots and white hosiery