Apple gingerbread cake

bittersweet chocolate apple cake aka torta di pere

For the holidays, I attempted to bake a couple of things, an activity I engage in a few times a year, always fueled by a wildly optimistic and delusional valuation of my baking skills. I made a Apple Gingerbread Cake. (I also made a Bûche de Noël, but that is a post for another day.)

I followed the recipe fairly closely, which is unusual for me. I find pastry recipes tend to have too much sugar for my taste so I usually cut back on the amount of sugar. Also, I like to increase the salt by a little. I find a touch more salt brings out sweetness more. Another place where I deviate from the recipe was to substitute maple syrup for molasses.

I could not find molasses in small enough quantity. The recipe only called for ¼ cup but the smallest molasses quantity I could find was one quart. I suppose I could have bought that and use the rest in experimentation, using it in place of sugar. It’d a lot of experimentation though, so I decided to use honey instead. I was guessing that honey is about the same sweetness as molasses, just with a different flavor profile.

As it turned out, the substitution worked great and the cake turned out to be amazing. The recipe is straightforward. I was suspicious of the step where the recipe calls for whisking eggs into the hot molasses, maple syrup, brown sugar, and butter. I was concerned that the eggs would be scrambled when introduced into a hot medium. Instead, I tempered the eggs first before adding it to the host mixture. Maybe that was not necessary, but I didn’t want to take the chance of ending up with scrambled eggs.

There was one gotcha, which I found out when I, buoyed by my success, I baked a second one. (Note to self: quit while I’m ahead. 🙂 ) When layering apple slices into the caramel, if the slices are not pressed firmly into the caramel, the cake batter may seep down into between the apple slices and the caramel and ruin the cake’s top. It’ll still taste great, but it wouldn’t look as good.

I served the cake drizzled with heavy cream, as called for in the recipe. It was a bit hit!
slice of apple gingerbread cake, served with heavy cream

So it seems that while my valuation of my baking skills remains to be verified, genius is indeed 10% talent and 90% perspiration! Sometimes.