Posts from ‘January, 2017’

B没che de No毛l

Continuing to brag about my holiday baking 馃檪 : I made a b没che de No毛l, a.k.a a Yule log to bring to the holiday dinner at my cousin鈥檚 house. I was overjoyed at how it turned out since it was the first time that I attempted many of the elements and techniques in making it: […]

Apple gingerbread cake

For the holidays, I attempted to bake a couple of things, an activity I engage in a few times a year, always fueled by a wildly optimistic and delusional valuation of my baking skills. I made a Apple Gingerbread Cake. (I also made a B没che de No毛l, but that is a post for another day.) […]

Details, details, details

Often, it鈥檚 the the small details that separate a 鈥渉ome made鈥 garment from the 鈥淲ow, you made that?!鈥 garment. I would like to share a few details from my recent use of Dress Shop and from making a shirtdress recently. Dress Shop generates the pattern pieces for the collar such that the undercollar is slightly […]

Shirtdress in black, white, red tartan

As part of my process of refining my Dress Shop measurements set, I made another garment, this time, a shirtdress. The pattern used was 鈥淒resses/Unfitted/Shirtdress鈥 and is one of the Dress Shop Quick Start patterns, which is of course also included in the higher-end versions, Dress Shop Deluxe and Dress Shop Pro. I chose a […]