Making a matching clutch purse for costume

finished clutch purse

When I sew a garment, I like to make a matching hair scrunchie as to wear as an accessory. A matching scrunchie signals that the garment is probably custom made and not just an off-the-rack one. For my Halloween costume this year, I rehashed a previous year’s costume: Dorothy of Oz, shortening it quite a bit, from “slightly demure” to just about “call the police!” 🙂

The shortening resulted in quite a bit of left over fabric. Instead of the usual scrunchie, I decided to try my hands at making a clutch, since the costume has no pockets. The costume’s skirt is quite voluminous and I could carry a lot of stuff under it, but it would mean having to hike up my skirt and making a scene every time I need to retrieve something!

I sized the clutch to fit my phone. In retrospect, it could have been a little wider and longer to also accomodate keys, lipstick, etc. I used fusible felt to add body to the fabric, and underlined the clutch to make the inside appear a little more finished. A pocket with a Velcro secured flap on the outside was sized to fit credit cards, driver’s license, and a bit of cash. The wrist strap was a strip of selvaged, interfaced with fusible shirt-weight interfacing.
velcro closure on clutch purse's credit cards pocket

A lesson that I discovered almost immediately is to construct all the details such as outside and inside pockets first before closing up and attaching zipper. I did not and as a result, had to struggle a bit when attaching the outside pocket.

inside of clutch purse

The end result was reasonably polished, and people did notice it and knew that the costume was custom made:
Dorothy costume with matching purse