Another pair of shorts from Dress Shop pattern

white cotton eyelet and plaid shorts

Since I was so hapy with the fit of the first pair of shorts that I made using a pattern generated by Dress Shop, I made another pair from the same patterns.

I used some white eyelets cotton left over from making a dress (also from a Dress Shop pattern, more on that soon), plus the remaining cotton flannel from Michael Levine in L.A. from the first pair of shorts.

Actually, the cotton plaid was already cut and edges serged, ready to go, from when I made the first pair of shorts. How did I come to be so prepared? It’s a tale of attempted and failed matching of plaids!

When I cut the first pair of shorts, I started with the two front pieces, making sure the center front falls on a “major” plaid stripe. Then I work my way around to the two back pieces, matching them to the front pieces. I planned on simply letting the plaid pattern at center back to fall on whatever vertical stripes they may, since I felt it was the most important to match the plaid at center front and side seams. Everything was going great, until.

When I started the assembly was when I noticed that I had borked the plaid matching at the side seams: somehow I had managed to cut the back pieces on the cross grain i.e. turned 90 degrees! I guess it must have been because the stripes looked nearly the same on the cross grain as they do with the grain and I had somehow turned the fabric when cutting. Luckily, I had enough fabric left to cut two new back pieces and finished the shorts. It was a good thing I had two yards of the fabric. Who know it’d take two yards of fabric to make one pair of shorts?!

Anyway, since now I had two unused back pieces, albeit cut on the cross grain, I used them in my second pair of shorts. The fabric is almost as stable in the crosswise direction as it is in the lengthwise direction, so the pieces being cut on the crossgrain would not affect the wearing ease or the fit much.
white cotton eyelet and plaid shorts white cotton eyelet and plaid shorts

I added an underlining to the front pieces as the white cotton eyelet is fairly sheer. To add some pizzazz (I’m all about the pizzazz),
I made patch pockets from remnants of the two fabrics and trimmed the front pockets with contrasting bows and the back pockets with fabric covered buttons:
close-up of front pockets of white cotton eyelet and plaid shorts close-up of back pockets of white cotton eyelet and plaid shorts