Endives With Apricots, Blue Cheese, Walnut

For a recent fundraiser dinner, I did endive with roasted figs, blue cheese and candied pecans appetizer. It’s a great combination, as cheese and something sweet always is. It was the first thing to disappear from the buffet!

It could have been better though. The roasted figs were sweet enough but they were a bit mushy and could have been sweeter. It’s usually difficult to go wrong making something sweeter. Indeed, there is a Vietnamese saying that goes: “To add beauty, use gold and red. To add taste, use honey and fat”!

Subsequently, I tried a variation, substituting the figs for slivered dried apricots. The apricots is sweeter and is more “toothy” and really improved on the dish.

pic of endive with dried apricot blue cheese candied walnuts

As an aside, the rounded underside of endive leaves makes filling them, and serving the dish, quite fiddly and annoying. I “flattened” the bottom of the leaves by slicing off a sliver off the underside, creating a flat surface which added much needed stability.

pic of how to flatten bottom of endive