Posts from ‘March, 2016’

And yet another variation of M6953!

I really really really wanted a new dress for Easter. Did I mention I wanted a new dress for Easter? I had some fabric left over that I had made a couple of things from and wanted to use it up. Plus, it’s the most Easter-y fabric I had on hand. So I did another […]

Avoid large garment pieces cut on the bias

Continuing with the bias thing from last week, here’s another tip on working with bias: avoid wide pattern pieces with bias garments. Warp and weft yarns can differ in both count and tension such that they will stretch differently. A wide pattern piece, such as the front of a dress, can end up skewed because […]

Cutting sleeves on the bias.

This Threads article describes a great tip by Denise Severson, a seamstress, alterations expert, and Association of Sewing and Design Professionals member, to add sleeve fullness attractively: cut sleeves on the bias. Besides a more attractive fit, sleeves cut on the bias fit more comfortably and allow a wider range of movement because fabrics almost […]

Using tea ball infuser for spices in phở

As you may know from my chicken phở recipe, I use a tea ball infuser for the spices. One problem with using a tea ball infuser is that if I have a large amount of spices, it’s challenging to close one half of the ball over the other without spilling some spices since one side […]