Posts from ‘February, 2016’

Crispy Pig Ear!

We had a great dinner at one of Austin’s new restaurants, Juniper. Both the chef/owner and the executive chef used to work at Uchi/Uchiko, Tyson Cole’s amazing “modern Japanese” Austin sushi places. Being adventurous eaters, we tried the “Shaped Pasta With Crispy Pig Ear”: It’s orecchiette pasta in a light cream sauce, with strips of […]

Grapefruit with sea salt and black pepper

I had some grapefruit with Kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper. The black pepper is an idea from chef Tyson Cole of Uchi/Uchiko. Putting salt on tart or sour fruits is an Asian thing. Salt turns the sour or tart taste into a taste resembling sweet, but much more pleasant, in my opinion. For […]