Posts from ‘December, 2015’

Ready made bias strips

This Thread article outlines the disassembly of menswear ties to be used as bias binding strips. What a great idea! Thrift stores are a great source of ties, not just because they’re economically priced, but also because the ties there likely as not have colors and patterns that one would not be caught dead in, […]

Rip-stop nylon is really rip-stop!

You know how you can sometimes tear fabrics by making a snip at the edge and tear along the grain? Well, I found out that “rip-stop nylon” is really rip-stop because it’s impossible to do the tear-instead-of-cut thing with it!

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Chicken Skin Cracklings

A really quick and convenient way to make yummy cracklings from chicken skin is to render it in the microwave. I especially like to do this with roasted chicken skin or skin that has been otherwise cooked. Sprinkle with salt, put between sheets of paper towel and microwave for short periods of time until crisp.