Extra cilantro and flat leaf parsley?

pic of a sprig of cilantro

I can never buy cilantro and flat leaf parsley in small enough quantities. They’re sold in fairly big bunches, but I generally use them only for garnishing, rarely as one of the main ingredients. I always have a large amount left over and cannot use them all before they rot. (I keep them, washed, wrapped in a paper towel in a zip-lock plastic bag, in the vegetables bin in my refrigerator.)

Episode 1 of Season 10 of “Mexico One Plate At A Time” with Rick Bayless has a great recipe for Whole Grilled Fish With Green And Red Adobos. In addition to roasted garlic and serrano chile, the green adobo uses lots of cilantro and flat leaf parsley. He says that the green chile adobo used in that recipe keeps for multiple months in the refrigerator. That’s how I am going to use my surplus cilantro and parsley from now on: make green adobo.