Rice flour in Vietnamese baguettes?

On a lark, I went and Google’d “Vietnamese baguette recipes”. All of the links on the first page of search results either have no mention of rice flour or explicitly advise against using it. The reasons range from “it doesn’t work” to “it weighs the dough down” to “rice flour has no gluten”. In my opinion, none except the “rice flour has no gluten” claim is correct.

As you may know, I bake a lot, mostly traditional French baguettes. I used to be skeptical that rice flour can possibly work in a baguette, for the exact same reasons above: rice flour has no gluten, it will make the dough more dense, etc. Actually, the assertion I found way back then was that Vietnamese baguettes has mashed cooked rice in them! Mashed cooked rice?! Forget about it, I though. Until I actually experimented with using various percentages of rice flour in my baguettes. The rest is history! I am now a firm believer that yes, it is essential to use mashed cooked rice in Vietnamese baguettes. That results in baguettes with thinner (but still crispy) crust and much lighter crumb, neither of which is achievable with flour-only dough.