More red stuff!

Austin is not Rio de Janeiro, but we do have a Carnaval! It’s a huge samba dance party in the style of Brazilian carnavals, right down to the semi-nekkid, and quite inebriated 🙂 , people. It’s always a ton of fun: lots of hot people, lots of booze, lots of driving samba, all night long.

Since the venue is mostly dimly lit, and the atmosphere is quite sexy, everybody aims for hyper-revealing, hyper-glittery, hyper-sexy, costumes. If one has on a two-piece swimsuit, one might be overdressed 🙂 .

I wanted something distinctive and sexy and creative that would stand out in the dark. I was going to alter my Dorothy of Oz costume to make it super short and more revealing, but then I stumbled upon some red 4-way stretch wet-look PVC that I’ve had around for a long time. Additionally, I have some red with white polka dots cotton left over from a dress which goes perfectly with the PVC. After a couple of design iterations, I settled on a “Minnie Mouse meets military officer” theme for the costume.

The main piece is a military-style cap. I had made a pattern for it a long time ago but never did make anything from it. For some extra definition of the cap’s shape, I added white piping around the cap’s crown and around its bill:


I drafted the pattern from the top from my body measurements with no ease since the PVC can fit skin tight and still allow for movements. I just “guesstimate” about things like the depth of the back and front neck lines, the armscye curves, etc. The result is not bad, I think.

For the skirt, I started with a draft of the curved low-rise waistband, copied from a pair of low-rise denim shorts. The waistband is 3″ wide, and the skirt is 8″ wide, resulting in a skirt 10 1/2″ long 🙂 . Did I mention sexy? Anyway, the skirt is a straight strip of fabric pleated with 3/4″ pleats every 1″ or so.

I also made a backpack-style purse to carry some essential stuff such as phone and keys. I used a pants zipper for the opening. A YKK two-way zipper would have been much easier to open and more convenient. Also, the backpack-style straps, only on one side of the opening, mean I need to close the purse after every use since carrying it unzipped would leave it gapping, which would not have happened with straps on both sides of the opening.

DSCN1947_b DSCN1948_b DSCN1974_b