Vogue 2899

My company’s holiday party this year had a theme of “James Bond 007”. The dress code was “cocktail, or as your favorite Bond character”. There was no question that I was going to be as slinky and sexy as possible. I aimed for Halle Berry’s character of “Dr. Jinx Johnson” in “Die Another Day”, specifically, in a slinky red beaded dress, in the “ice party” scene.
I already had Vogue 2899, bought quite a white ago. Lengthening the hem to ball gown length will work perfectly. I went with a red polyester knit from Jo-Ann. It was a fairly cheap knit, I’m afraid, which is a bit against my usual approach of “if you’re going to put a lot of effort into a garment, make sure the fabric is worth it”. But it has very nice fluid hand and suited the dress very well.
I went with a smaller size 10; I’m normally a size 12 on top and size 8 on the bottom. The pattern I bought was 4-6-8 so I graded size 8 up one size. The pattern’s directions say “No provision made for above waist adjustment.” and they were not kidding about that! It turned out that size 10’s bodice is too short on me, so the cool shaping seams in the back ended up about 4-5″ too high and caused a lots of fit problems. Unfortunately, by the time I figured that out, it was too late to make length adjustments.
So I did the best I could to camouflage the fit issues by adding a drape across my butt. The drape covers some of the wrinkles and also draws attention away from them. I added soft pleats to the drape to match the pleated sides so the drape looked like an extension of the side pleats and blended in nicely.

drape to fix Vogue 2899's fit problem drape to fix Vogue 2899's fit problem

The dress looked quite presentable in the end and I looked… smashing, in it if I do say so myself. It was a big hit at the party as well. But, you be the judge.

DSC_2703_b DSC_2701_b DSC_2699_b

DSCN1516_b DSCN1528_b


(The other dress in the last pic was my take on Vogue 8849. More on that in a future post.)