Pea soup with prosciutto and pasilla pepper

It has been unseasonably cold down here in Texas, like 20 degrees below “OMG it’s cold!” That, and the presence of a bag of peas in the freezer, a holdover from when my S.O. had a minor surgery, meant it was time for a hearty soul-warming pea soup. A couple of pieces of prosciutto ends in the freezer pinch hit for the usual ham hock. Our local supermarket would package ends of legs of prosciutto and sell them for a third of the usual price. I buy them whenever they’re available in order to always have a few on hand in the freezer. They’re great for soup, stews, sauces, etc.

My pea soup was pretty much the standard pea soup: onions and carrots, garlic, peas, chicken stock (no celery; Whole Foods does not have single stalks available, only in bundles). My differentiation was the prosciutto instead of ham hock. I rendered the prosciutto, took the prosciutto bits out, and sweated onions and carrots in the rendered prosciutto fat. I added garlic, then peas and chicken stock, simmered for about 10 minutes. I puréed the soup in batches, then put the prosciutto bits back into the soup, added ground dried pasilla chili, and simmered it for another while.

We ate the soup with garlic bread, made my way. That was a nice, hearty, cozy, meal for a chilly winter evening!