Posts from ‘September, 2014’

Alternate filling for pin cushion

I recently made a pin cushion for myself (after 30+ years of sewing!). I used Poly-Fil polyester fiber fill but found I could not stuff enough in to make a very firm pin cushion. As a result, the pin cushion does not “grip” pins well. It does hold pins, but pins as well as needles […]

Freezing leek

About a month ago, I made an Alsatian Stew that calls for “two small leeks”. Well, fine, what the heck do I do with the rest of the bundle of leek?! So I figured, nothing to lose, freeze the sucker. I washed the leek and cut it into 8″ lengths, put in a Zip-Loc bag […]

Another version of McCall’s 6953

I made another version of the McCall’s 6953 dress, this time from an aqua/ivory/brown rayon/silk floral fabric. I bought the fabric on sale at I bought six yards of it for $2.0/yard. I still have almost two yards of it left so I will probably make at least one more garment from it! This […]

The Mayan Mademoiselle: Achiote Salsa with Elderflower Liqueur

My company had our usual yearly salsa contest (as in the sauce, not the dance 🙂 ). I wanted to do something with St. Germain elderflower liqueur so I came up with “The Mayan Mademoiselle: Achiote Salsa with Elderflower Liqueur”. It didn’t win 🙁 . But I think it’s quite different and quite tasty, with […]

Pin cushion!

Lesson to self: to not take lightly tools or techniques that tailors have used for hundreds of years! After over 35 years of sewing (!), I finally decided that I should try making and using a wrist pin cushion, a gadget very commonly seen on tailors’ wrist. I should have done that 35 years ago! […]