Striped skirt

I had some fabric left over from making the “Member Model Challenge” dress so I decided to make a skirt out of it. As with everything I sew these days, I felt it would have a bit pointless if I just make a simple skirt, a skirt that I could have bought ready made. These days, everything I make has to have a bit of extra oomph, a bit of extra “me”, that would not be in a store bought skirt. (Not that finding a plain, simple, pencil skirt that is of the right color, pattern and fit, would have been an easy task!)
The extra oomph this time was going to be just inlays at the hem, from a contrast fabric. When I laid the fabrics out, the contrast was not… contrast-y enough. I wanted a bit more separation between the skirt and the contrast. I opted to added a light blue flat piping at the border between the two.

I used the skirt of Vogue 8135, a skirt suit pattern. It’s out of print, but you can still get an idea of what it looks like from a review at

Here is how I did the piping for the outside corners:

DSC_1926_b DSC_1927_b DSC_1928_b DSC_1934_b DSC_1933_b DSC_1932_b DSC_1936_b DSC_1938_b

Here’s how I did the inside corners:

DSC_1925_b DSC_1924_b DSC_1929_b DSC_1930_b DSC_1931_b DSC_1939_b

And here’s the finished skirt:

DSC_2121_b DSC_2122_b DSC_2124_b DSC_2126_b