I went to a local origami meet-up today.  I didn’t know what level to expect but there was no need for concern. There is something for everybody. The most advanced people (which was most of us 🙂 ) help out everybody else, teaching them stuff. I learned three new things: a dragon (medium), a tarantula (quite advanced; my fav!) and a flower/stem (advanced).

One thing I learned is “origami paper” makes a huge difference!  I have been using ordinary printer paper, 26 ozs I think, and it’s quite challenging for objects with many layers and folds, such as the tarantula.  Someone gave me a couple of sheets of origami paper to fold the iris, and wow!  It’s like switching from a Yugo to a Ferrari!  🙂

I taught myself how to fold the dragon from one already folded, and a couple of other intermediate folders followed along. I figured out most of the dragon but the legs were a little challenging. Somebody had brought a tablet so we looked up up the video on how to fold a dragon and followed that to do the legs.


I especially love the tarantula! The guy who taught it to us had it memorized!




The flower (an iris, I think) is from the same base as the taratula.