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Library of Congress

My tax dollars work! 🙂 I came across a pin pointing to The Library of Congress On-Line Search where one can search for, and view old publications! Searching for “garment cutting”, “dress making”, “tailoring” and “garment drafting” returns great old publications and books on the subject. For example, here’s a page from “Elements of garment […]

And yet another art2love cape!

Since the child is “36 inches from neck to ankle” i.e. he/she is rather young and probably does not yet have the ability to express ideas literally, I took the liberty of enhancing his/her original design. I hope he/she will forgive me! The construction is similar to the “Poison Ivy” cape and Dragon Ball Z […]

Another art2love cape…

September 13, 2013: for those in Austin, this cape is currently on display at Dragon’s Lair. I made another cape for art2love. The child who designed this cape took his (her? I don’t know whom it’s for; I’m not supposed to) inspiration from “Dragon Ball Z”, a Japanese anime series. The construction of this cape […]

Making your fabric go further…

We’ve all had occasions when we don’t have quite enough fabric for a garment. In those cases, I would use other fabrics for contrast accents/trims of various sizes and locations. That allows me to use less-than-ideal amounts of fabrics as well as make use of remnants left over from other garments. Here’s an example: I […]