“art2love” cape

September 13, 2013: for those in Austin, this cape is currently on display at Learning Express.

art2love is a non-profit organization that aims to “touch hearts through art“, to “to empower, encourage and elevate children in crisis through art – their own art“. Children come up with design for things such as capes, soft toys, etc. and volunteer craftster bring the designs to life.

Finished cape

Finished cape

I volunteered to make a cape for a 14-year old. Her design is quite… challenging. She was highly creative in her choice of design for the cape, of its crest, and of its colors.

Crest's original design

Crest’s original design

Cape's original design

Cape’s original design

I executed her design as is, with one small artistic license: the construction of the wavy royal blue borders lent itself to thin black outside borders. I thought the fine black lines lends even more “pop” to the blue borders.

IMAG1341 IMAG1342 IMAG1343 IMAG1344

Cape's black border

Cape’s black border

Finished cape

Finished cape

I also learned something new: working with Wonder-Under. Wonder-Under is a paper backed heat-activated fusible material. One of its uses is to apply appliques. One would heat fuse Wonder-Under to the back of the applique material, let it cool, draw the applique shape and cut it out. Peeling off the paper backing leaves behind the adhesive and the applique can now be heat fused onto background material. To add a final, neat-freak, touch, one would zig zag around the applique’s border. That would also make the applique more rugged, to withstand possible laundering. I zig zag the border twice, to make the stitching more dense and to give it more visual presence.



I love the end result (if I do say so myself!). I see many custom applique-festooned garments in my future! 🙂

Overall, making the cape was a rich and rewarding experience. I will definitely do more of it.