Posts from ‘November, 2012’

YAT (Yet Another Tart! :) )

I’m close to achieving a State of Yo with the tart crust! I can now get from ball-of-dough to crust-rolled-and-crimped in about five minutes! Anyway, the current baking procedure is 12 minutes at 400° covered with foil and pie weight, then removing foil and pie weight, piercing crust all over with fork, then bake for […]

Another Tart!

Still on a quest for that perfect tart crust, I baked another tart over the weekend. Technique-wise, I did pretty much the same thing with the crust as the last tart, except for baking time, which I notched back maybe by ten percent to see if it would dry out less. It looks like I […]

Vegetable Stew

I made a vegetable stew recently. A quick Google’ing shows a fairly common set of ingredients: onions, zucchini, eggplant, green beans, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc. Another commonality is the preparation: sautéeing the veggies together. Many reviews complain of the resulting stew being “tasteless”! One browns the meat beforehand when making meat stew, so why not […]