National Plug-In Day, Austin, TX

This past Sunday was “National Plug-In Day”, which celebrates the effort to wean ourselves from oil as a source of energy, specifically in transportation and specifically by the adoption of plug-in vehicles. A plug-in vehicle runs solely, or in some cases like the GM Volt, primarily, on electricity. I regard their usage as equivalent in spirit and in practice to that of my cell phone: I plug it in, I use it, I plug it in some more.

My acquisition of a Nissan LEAF hinges on two main factors: independence from oil, and reducing impact on the environment.

As a citizen, I feel that the U.S.’s dependence on oil, a significance portion of which comes from countries with regimes hostile to us, poses a bigger threat to our security and our economic well-being. Consuming less oil can only lead to good things for the U.S.

Environment-wise, while it’s debatable whether plug-in vehicles are environmentally cleaner than their hybrid counterparts, it’s incontrovertible that plug-in vehicles are leagues cleaner than internal combustion engined (ICE) vehicles.

OK, enough of the boring soap box-y stuff. Here are some pics of our National Plug-In Day gathering in my home town, Austin, TX, all y’all.