Posts from ‘February, 2011’

G.E. Profile cooktop

Our current cooktop is twenty years old. Only two of its four coils work. We replaced it with a G.E. Profile. I looked up its dimensions on-line beforehand. The top, being a 30″ cooktop, presents no problem. I was a bit concerned about

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Mousse

I wasn’t planning on doing anything much special for Valentine’s Day, sweets-wise, but then while catching up on my Fine Cooking emails, I stumbled on this super-quick chocolate mousse recipe, made from scratch with real chocolate. The video of Heston Blumenthal illustrating the technique…

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Our Valentine’s Day flowers this year consist of one stem of lilies, two roses, one bunch of carnations, two stems of Bells of Ireland, and one bunch of some fluffy green “filler” whose name I can’t remember. Total cost was US$14.50. I made chocolate-covered dried apricots and chocolate-covered dried strawberries. (Fresh strawberries are lackluster this […]

Sewing machine needles storage

I came across this blog post on storing and keeping track of sewing machine needles. That prompted me to share my own method: I pin used needles to a piece of paper and note the size/type of the needle (“universal 80/12”, (“ball point 70/10”, etc.), the date I first used the needle, and what I […]