Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Tip: pesky thread tails

I was making a shirt. For the first time (probably) since I started sewing thirty years ago (!), I actually finished thread ends the couture way: pull both thread ends to wrong side and tie a knot. Then thread the thread ends through a needle, insert needle near the knot and run needle into between […]

Old dog, no new trick

I’m here to tell you that thirty-plus years of tailoring experience does not inoculate one from occasional goof-ups of Titanic scale. I am making a shirt from some nice white crisp bamboo-based fabric. The shirt has nice subtle design touches: inner collar stand and inner back yoke of a black/gray/white brocade. I line the cuffs […]

Great tip!

I just read somewhere recently of a tip to quickly trim any seam allowances where you don’t need to “grade” the seam allowances: run it through a threadless serger. The serger’s knife makes quick and accurate work of trimming!