Denim Dress Pants!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I started and finished a pair of denim trousers. I said “trousers” ’cause they’re quite a bit dressier than a pair of jeans.

I bought some denim (97% cotton, 3% spandex) a while ago and have finally gotten around to making a pair of pants out of it.
Even though it’s denim, I wanted the pants to have a “dressy” silhouette instead of the normal “jeans” look. To that end, I used a pants pattern that I drafted for narrow legs, low rise, pants (the same pattern I used for the pants of my Halloween costume last year).

(For instructions on how to draft your own pants pattern, check this out.)

I decided on double-welted pockets all around. The two front pockets’ outside end straddles the side seam a little bit. It’s mostly because otherwise the pockets would be too close to the fly, but also because I have always felt that side pockets on pants would be more accessible, useful, etc. if they are located more towards the, well, side.

I had some “star of Texas” buttons in my buttons stash (yeah, I have a buttons stash, in addition to the usual fabrics stash) and thought they’d go great with the trousers.

I copied the waistband construction details from a pair of suit trousers of a suit I bought recently at Zara International.

Here are pics of the completed pants.