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Striped skirt

I had some fabric left over from making the “Member Model Challenge” dress so I decided to make a skirt out of it. As with everything I sew these days, I felt it would have a bit pointless if I just make a simple skirt, a skirt that I could have bought ready made. […]

Library of Congress

My tax dollars work! 🙂 I came across a pin pointing to The Library of Congress On-Line Search where one can search for, and view old publications! Searching for “garment cutting”, “dress making”, “tailoring” and “garment drafting” returns great old publications and books on the subject. For example, here’s a page from “Elements of garment […]

New button stitch detail!

Who knew a plain old four-hole button can be sewn on with such panache?!

Sewing Leather: a few notes

A friend recently asked me about sewing leather. Since I had recently sewn a leather jacket for an acquaintance’s client, I said I would jot down some notes. For the most part, sewing garment leather is similar to sewing a heavyweight denim, which is about 14 ozs or heavier. (Joann Fabrics’ denims are mostly 12 […]

Tip: pesky thread tails

I was making a shirt. For the first time (probably) since I started sewing thirty years ago (!), I actually finished thread ends the couture way: pull both thread ends to wrong side and tie a knot. Then thread the thread ends through a needle, insert needle near the knot and run needle into between […]