This is sewing too!

white lace blouse, from Goodwill, back view

There is “sewing”, where one raises silk worms, spins the yarn, weave the cloth, drafts the pattern, and sews the garment. Then there is “sewing”, where one buys a ready-made garment and then alters it to get the custom-made perfect fit or customize it to add one’s own touches.

I do a lot of the former type of sewing, though not quite that hardcore. I also do a lot of the latter type of sewing. Specifically, I love buying stuff at greatly discounted prices from thrift shops and then alter or customize them to be my own.

An example is this white cotton lace blouse that I got from Goodwill for a song. It’s a size S and fits me OK, but I wanted a better fit so I added shaping, using front and back darts as well as some re-shaping of the side seams. I love the result and have gotten many compliments on it.
Of course, the compliments are that much sweeter when I tell people that I got it at Goodwill!

white lace blouse, from Goodwill, front view white lace blouse, from Goodwill, side view