Duplicating my fav denim shorts

There are multiple methodologies to divest a feline of its epidermis. That’s my pointdexter version of “There are many ways to skin a cat.”

I had made shorts using patterns generated by Dress Shop App before. They turned out great, but truth to tell, I was aiming to reproduce my favorite pair of denim shorts:
my fav denim shorts red denim shorts, side viewssible and duplicate its shape to produce the pattern. For complex areas such as the underarm or the crotch, the duplication is done in smaller sections at a time.

I pin the shorts on top of a sheet of paper, on top of a sheet of 1/4″ foam core board. If the fabric has obvious grain line or print, use that to ensure squareness when possible.
duplicating denim shorts
Repeatedly sticking a pin through the garment yields a perforated outline of the garment on the paper.

I think I came very close to an exact duplicate. There are only two tiny fit issues that I will fix in the next iteration. First issue is that there is a tiny bit of looseness at the top center back; the center back piece needs to slope a bit more. Second issue is the side of the legs: they stick out a tiny bit. Fortunately, I could fix those issues in the first pair that I made with simple alterations.

I used a 100% cotton red denim, probably 11 or 12 ozs, from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I added white flat piping at the lower edge of the yoke. The piping is of Kona Cottons, an 100% quilting cotton from Jo-Ann, in Kona White. I had a YKK zipper with white zipper tape and red zipper teeth and pull which matches the shorts perfectly, so I decided to showcase it as a design element.

I make the shorts suitable for wear to clubs and concerts, where I don’t want to bring a purse, I added a “cell phone pocket” at the front left in the waistband. It’s basically a single welt pocket. I also added another welted pocket with a flap at front right of the waistband, for ID and credit card and cash and car key:
red denim shorts, close-up front view

finished shorts, view of inside front, showing pocket bags

finished shorts, front view, showing pockets

Here are the steps in constructing the welted pocket with flap:

steps in constructing welted pocket with flap steps in constructing welted pocket with flap steps in constructing welted pocket with flap steps in constructing welted pocket with flap steps in constructing welted pocket with flap

Finished single welt phone pocket:
steps in constructing welted pocket with flap
The phone pocket being where it is, at the body-to-limb junction, makes it impossible to sit down if I have a phone in the pocket. Next time, I think I’ll position the call phone pocket around the back…

And here’s the result. I have gotten many compliments for this pair of shorts. I suppose the piping adds a lot of “pop” to the shorts.

red denim shorts, 3/4 front view

red denim shorts, front view

red denim shorts, 3/4 back view