Posts from ‘May, 2017’

Duplicating my fav denim shorts

There are multiple methodologies to divest a feline of its epidermis. That’s my pointdexter version of “There are many ways to skin a cat.” I had made shorts using patterns generated by Dress Shop App before. They turned out great, but truth to tell, I was aiming to reproduce my favorite pair of denim shorts: […]

Tips on taping together Dress Shop App PDF patterns

I have been using Dress Shop a lot lately and I have discovered a few things that make the taping-together process a lot quicker for me. Use the thinnest (and cheapest) printer paper possible. Thinner paper makes it easier to see the registration marks when one sheet is on top of another. I use Office […]

Singer Fashion Mate’s pedal fix!

Do you ever wonder what’s the average age of sewing machines of all serious sewists out there? Maybe when you’re trying to justify that Husqvarna Super Automated sewing machine, the one with the built-in kitchen sink and waste disposal? My Singer Fashion Mate Model 248 is almost 40 years old. It weights like it’s 40 […]

A better mouse trap: an improvement on how to cut a continuous bias strips!

How often do you hear of a better mouse trap? Probably about as often as hearing of a better wheel. That’s not square. Or that does not rotate around a single axis. However, I guarantee you that you will get your money’s worth with this new and improved method of cutting bias strips! I am […]

Outfit for Eeyore’s Birthday Party!

After twenty years in Austin, this year I finally made it to Eeyore’s Birthday Party, the 54th one, in fact. Eeyore’s Birthday Party is just another one of those things that Keep Austin Weird. Eeyore’s Birthday Party started way back in the hippie era. Someone decided that Eeyore, the perennially sad donkey from Winnie The […]