Posts from ‘November, 2016’

Sewing machine presser foot as helping hand

A “helping hand” is not new in sewing, nor in many crafts, for that matter. For example, there exist antiques of the “bird’s beak” clamp. Similar devices exist in jewelry making, watchmaking and other tiny-scale crafts, such as fishing lure tying. I’m reasonably dextrous so I can manage manual tasks well. There are times though, […]

Braiding purse handles

I have a Tignanello purse that I really really love that was showing its age. I love its shape, a satchel shape with full length two-way zipper to allow the purse to open really wide. I love its utility, having just the right number of pockets and zippers in just the right places. I love […]

Making a matching clutch purse for costume

When I sew a garment, I like to make a matching hair scrunchie as to wear as an accessory. A matching scrunchie signals that the garment is probably custom made and not just an off-the-rack one. For my Halloween costume this year, I rehashed a previous year’s costume: Dorothy of Oz, shortening it quite a […]