Use shoe boxes to organize sewing notions

We all have different methods of storing our sewing stuff.
Recently, a member of my local chapter of American Sewing Guild gave a presentation on how she organizes her sewing stuff.
One approach that she and I share is storing items in boxes stacked on shelves. Her boxes are all uniform, labeled with their general contents, and stacked to a maximum of three high on shelves. My boxes are old shoe boxes labeled with a listing of their contents. 🙂

I use shoe boxes since they are often of the same shape and size and thus will stack better. I suppose boot boxes, or boxes for shoes for Shrek, would be very different in size, but those are few and far between: I have few pairs of boots, and I don’t know Shrek.

For labels, I use a piece of paper folded to about the same size as a box’s cross section, with a fold in the top which would hook onto the box’s edge and be secured by the lid. The labels are usually just hand written. If I get ambitious, or if a box’s contents have changed too much, or if the list gets too big, or if the box’s contents change often, I’d make a list on my computer and print that out. A printed list is easier to edit, but obviously has a higher “start-up cost” than a hand written list.

using shoe boxes for sewing notions close-up of label for shoe boxes containing sewing notions