Avoid large garment pieces cut on the bias

Continuing with the bias thing from last week, here’s another tip on working with bias: avoid wide pattern pieces with bias garments. Warp and weft yarns can differ in both count and tension such that they will stretch differently. A wide pattern piece, such as the front of a dress, can end up skewed because one side might stretch differently than the other side. Try adding center front and center back seams to keep the pattern pieces narrower. Also, narrower pieces cut at 90° to each other (both on the bias but are mirror image of each other) help to balance out the pieces directional stability once assembled. Cutting pieces on the bias at 90° also provides an opportunity to play with the fabric’s pattern, for instance, with stripes:
example of breaking up large garment pieces cut on the bias
This Threads article has some more interesting tips on working with bias.