Vogue 8849

The other dress that I made for my S.O. for my company’s holiday party was Vogue 8849. I did not make any significant design changes. Design changes included: making the dress floor-length, a thigh-high slit in front of the left leg, and ending the back flounces at the side seams instead of continuing all the way around.

The thigh slit meant adding a seam in the skirt’s front; not a big deal. The skirt front has darts so I just extended the left dart into a waist-to-floor seam/slit.

I did not want to have the flounce in front. In this case, it would not have been flattering to the wearer. I don’t know if many women can wear such a flounce since I think it emphasizes one’s tummy. I tapered the rear flounce’s width to nothing at the side seams. Also, I finished their edge with a two-thread rolled hem stitch on my serger because I did not think the stitch-fold-stitch-fold-stitch edge finish dictated by the pattern instructions would work very well on such a pronouncedly curved edge.

The fabric was a nice red cotton sateen. The fabric turned out to be more wrinkle-prone than I’d have liked, but it did have a very nice sheen which added glitz, especially in a darker room. The contrast fabric was a red embroidered polyester organza from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I liked the method by which the neck and arm hole bindings were applied: straightforward and easy to apply and looked great.

DSC_2697_b DSCN1523_b