Alternate filling for pin cushion

I recently made a pin cushion for myself (after 30+ years of sewing!). I used Poly-Fil polyester fiber fill but found I could not stuff enough in to make a very firm pin cushion. As a result, the pin cushion does not “grip” pins well. It does hold pins, but pins as well as needles tend to get pushed all the way in. I was making something out of polyester fleece recently and had a lot of scraps so I decided to try that as filling for the pin cushion. I cut up the scraps into small bits 1/2″ – 3/4″ in size, and stuffed them into the pin cushion cover until I get the desired firmness. The stuffing is a bit lumpy at first but a bit of massaging evens out the lumps. The resulting pin cushion is a good deal firmer than when using polyester fiber fill. Me likey!