Another Tart!

Still on a quest for that perfect tart crust, I baked another tart over the weekend. Technique-wise, I did pretty much the same thing with the crust as the last tart, except for baking time, which I notched back maybe by ten percent to see if it would dry out less. It looks like I still need to reduce the crust’s baking time more. I think I’m rolling the crust out too thin, because I had left over crust dough for two minitarts!

The filling consists of sautéed veggies: bell pepper, fresh porcini mushrooms ($50 a pound!!!), zucchini squash, purple eggplant, all organic, all from HEB Central Market and all sautéed separately prior to assembly. A crumble of blue cheese adds needed zest and punch. It was a kick-ass combo, if I do say so myself!