Posts from ‘September, 2012’

Sewing Leather: a few notes

A friend recently asked me about sewing leather. Since I had recently sewn a leather jacket for an acquaintance’s client, I said I would jot down some notes. For the most part, sewing garment leather is similar to sewing a heavyweight denim, which is about 14 ozs or heavier. (Joann Fabrics’ denims are mostly 12 […]

Roasted Chicken with Green & Black Figs

I saw some beautiful figs at the market today. Well, OK, it was more like, we ran into Paul Qui, winner of 2012 Top Chef Texas, and he was tasting a fig, and that gave me the idea. (He asked: “What are you guys cooking?” I said: “We’re roasting some chicken.” He said: “Oh, me […]

White denim pants

I made these from a pants pattern that I drafted myself and refined over time. This is about the third iteration of the pattern. The major design element is a broad “stripe” slanting from top center front to the side down to center back. The stripe idea came from our “Penitentiary Prada” Halloween costumes. My […]

Another tart!

If at first you kinda succeed, try again! And that’s just what I did this Labor Day weekend: I made another tart. This time, it’s a potato, leek, onion and prosciutto tart, using the same crust recipe as the first one. I sliced the potato thin (1/8″-1/4″) and browned ’em. I sweated/sautéed the leek and […]