Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Mousse

I wasn’t planning on doing anything much special for Valentine’s Day, sweets-wise, but then while catching up on my Fine Cooking emails, I stumbled on this super-quick chocolate mousse recipe, made from scratch with real chocolate. The video of Heston Blumenthal illustrating the technique…

Quick Chocolate Mousse

Quick Chocolate Mousse

sold me on giving it a shot. From start to finish, it took me twenty minutes, including washing and putting everything away! I absolutely recommend everybody make this!

I halved the recipe: 4.5 ozs. of bittersweet chocolate and 4 ozs. of liquid. I started with two teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk and added hot water (about 200’F) to make 4 ozs. We have a hot water Zojirushi hot waster dispenser, but you can simply microwave the chocolate and liquid together. After stirring until the chocolate is mostly melted, I put the bowl in an ice water bath and whisked at high speed with an electric mixer. That started to make quite a mess so I put the whole deal into a plastic bag for the rest of the whisking. That contained all the splattering which really cut down on clean-up time.

It only took about a couple of minutes of whisking on high speed (maybe even less; I didn’t time it) until the mixture started to resemble heavy cream. At that point I reduced the mixing speed because supposedly the mixture would thicken rapidly from this point on. Sure enough, it only took another 10-20 seconds or so before the mixture became “mousse-y” and held soft peaks.

I spooned the mousse into a couple of fancy coffee cups and smoothed the surface with a moistened spatula. Using a cake decorating set to pipe some rosettes on top would probably boost the presentation to the next level. As it was, I settled for decorating the cups with a sprig of parsley and some chocolate covered dried apricots and dried strawberries I had made the day before. A sprinkling of a pinch of Kosher salt on top completed this super-easy but super-chocolate-y dessert.