Sewing machine needles storage

I came across this blog post on storing and keeping track of sewing machine needles. That prompted me to share my own method: I pin used needles to a piece of paper and note the size/type of the needle (“universal 80/12”, (“ball point 70/10”, etc.), the date I first used the needle, and what I used it for. Sometimes I also note the needle’s brand (“Schmetz”, “Singer”, etc.). As I re-use a needle for more projects, …
sewing machine needles storage

I add those projects to the needle’s list of projects done. The list of projects done keeps track of the needle’s “age”, helping to decide when to replace it.

When I throw a needle out, or when a needle breaks, I cross out its info on the sheet of paper. As such, at any one moment, there is one location on the paper that has notes but does not have a needle in it. That tells me what needle is currently in the machine, and of course, that’s where the needle goes when I swap it out for another needle.

In the above pic, my current “needles board” (not to be confused with a “needle board”!) indicates that the needle currently in my machine is a “80/11” needle for woven fabrics, and I last used it for a “Virgin Mary outfit”. (It was for a little girl for the Christmas pageant at her school.) The needle was first used on Dec 6, 2010.

Though my method is much uglier than the aforementioned method, I like my method’s extra “historical” information as well as its helping to identify what’s currently in my machine.