Fusible Fleece!!

File this under “Who knew?!” My friend Amy recently posted pics of messenger bags that she made for her daughter. The bags look really great! Here is a pic:

I love the cute prints and the whimsical colors. I am especially impressed by the uniformly round corners of the flaps. Maybe it’s because I often find it challenging to sew and clip and turn that type of corner.

The fabric appears extra thick and makes the bags look extra-neat. They look uniformly smooth, no unsightly waves or creases. She told me that the bags are interfaced with “fusible fleece”. Wow! I have never heard of “fusible fleece”! A quick Google’ing fixed that. What an amazing material! Apparently it can used for things like interfacing bags and purses to give them extra “body”, for lining quilts and bed throws, etc. Imagine all the Halloween costume possibilities: hats, glove gaunlets, leg coverings, padding for super-hero costumes, …