Tip: pesky thread tails

I was making a shirt. For the first time (probably) since I started sewing thirty years ago (!), I actually finished thread ends the couture way: pull both thread ends to wrong side and tie a knot. Then thread the thread ends through a needle, insert needle near the knot and run needle into between fabric layers and back out again (this was in the collar stand). Pull thread taut and clip. After clipping, the thread’s tension draw its clipped end back beneath the surface.

At one point, after tying the knot, I found the thread ends too short, such that when I thread them through a needle, there is not enough slack in the thread to insert the needle near the knot. I discovered a great solution! Insert the needle near the knot before threading it with the too-short thread tail! Since the inserted needle sticks out only about 1/2″, the thread ends can be as short as 1.5 to 2 inches. After threading the thread end through the needle, draw the needle through as usual.