Nước chấm

Nước chấm, or Vietnamese dipping sauce, is a very distinctly Vietnamese culinary item. Its variations accompany such iconic Vietnamese dishes as cơm sườn nướng (Vietnamese rice with charcoal broiled pork chops), fried spring rolls, bánh cuốn, etc.


  • 1T + 2ts sugar
  • 2Ts + 1t hot water
  • 2Ts + ½ ts lime juice
  • 1T fish sauce

Mix all ingredients. Add chopped hot chili to taste.

Use this variation with dishes calling for a “lighter” (less concentrated) version of Vietnamese dipping sauce, such as cơm sườn nướng or bánh cuốn. Some variations, such as this one on wikipedia are more concentrated, and are more suitable for bland dishes, such as bánh bèo, whose bite-size morsels don’t have much surface area to carry dipping sauce.